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“When I do not know myself, I serve you. When I know myself, I am you.”
― Hanuman ︎


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So Much To Learn, So Many Great Teachers

Tim Ferriss, Deepak Chopra, Brandon Boyd, Carl Sagan, Mariah Carey, Bob Marley, Janet Stone, RZA, Jim Carrey, Karin Dreijer, Alan Watts,  Wayne Dyer, Michael Jackson, Tupac, John Lennon, Tony Robbins, Aubrey Marcus

“To be more childlike, you don't have to give up being an adult. The fully integrated person is capable of being both an adult and a child simultaneously. Recapture the childlike feelings of wide-eyed excitement, spontaneous appreciation, cutting loose, and being full of awe and wonder at this magnificent universe.”
-Wayne Dyer